Step deck Trailers: What you need to know

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As a freight broker, we are often requested to provide customers with specialized equipment to haul their over sized loads all over North America. With any flatbed movements, capacity is tight and can be a challenge to coordinate pick up and delivery times to meet customers requirements. It’s paramount that the load is properly qualified to ensure you are booking the proper truck. Here is some important information to consider before booking a step deck.

  • dims of equipment/goods

  • total weight

  • how will shipper load onto trailer

  • does it require a tarp/strapping

  • if over-sized, permits may be required (state to state can vary)


The standard step deck  is 48′ in length. However, some of the new step decks that are coming out in the market are 53′ in length and offer much more flexibility for shippers. Most of the 53′ aluminum step deck trailers are lighter in weight allowing more weight to be hauled. The most significant advantage for the shipper is the legal load height the stepdeck presents – most step decks are 36″ to 40″ off the ground vs. the 60″ height a standard flatbed presents. The lower step decks allow legal loads to be as high as 10′ 6″! Keep in the mind that the load from ground to the top of your freight can not exceed 13′ 6″.

There are many factors involved in the hauling of specialized equipment, as such, the better you qualify your load, the less likely you will have something go wrong and add additional cost to your transportation.

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